Our team.

Many wonderful people. One Bruno.

Technically, Bruno is our founder and president—who confusingly answers to Elliot. More to the point, Bruno is a “family” of amazing people who’ve been in the construction biz for ages. We love what we do, and we believe great work comes from great relationships.

Elliot MacNeil

Elliot MacNeil

Founder & President

Elliot MacNeil is, and always has been, the consummate builder. These days, he’s a builder of brands. Of buildings. Of cities. And as a seven-year old, he was a builder of his own trucking company. Ummm? If you sat down for a beer with him, you’ll get the full story.

Elliot’s a Cape Breton country boy turned city entrepreneur. As founder and president of Bruno, he helps bring bold and custom spaces and buildings to life for clients across HRM. And since Bruno’s HQ is in downtown Dartmouth, he’s thrilled to see his side of the harbour being transformed—business by business, building by building. No matter which passion he’s nurturing, he’s all-in, and all about the people he works with. Strong relationships underpin it all.

Elliot sits on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization, takes regular excursions to the North Country to fish/hunt/boat, and of course, always enjoys the company of wife Jenna and son Harrison—who, so far, is blissfully unaware of what he needs to accomplish before he’s 10.

Beth Grady

Beth Grady

Construction Manager

How does Beth stay so calm in the face of even the most complicated construction project? And how does she keep it together no matter how challenging the job? One word: yoga. Well, and a ton of experience.

Beth has managed construction projects big and small from east to west. She takes the time to understand what the client wants, and finds the best possible way to make it happen. Beth’s attention to detail, wealth of knowledge, and leadership skills make her an asset on any project.

Beth is a firm believer that when you apply method to the madness the world is a better place. She also believes that construction should be fun, and that transparency is key to building a successful project. Once again, there’s that cool and collected yoga headspace. Her husky, Nova, might have something to do with it, too.

Raelene Kennedy

Raelene Kennedy

Group Controller

They say that part of the secret to living a healthy life is loving your work. And Raelene certainly does. She also stays fit. But should all else fail? Well, her son is a paramedic.

A Cape Bretoner by birth, Raelene spent her youth in Ottawa before eventually landing in Dartmouth about 20 years ago. Her education was in marketing and management, but she discovered a passion for accounting, and so she ultimately pursued a CMA designation. With 30 years of experience, including 16 years manufacturing and 11 years non-profit, Raelene brings a wide range of experience to Bruno. Financial/management reporting, cash management, HR, IT and team development, she’s got it all covered. Raelene is a strong believer in the 3 Ps—people, process and profitability—a focus that’s helped her develop some strong teams.

In her downtime, Raelene enjoys traveling and exploring nature with her husband. And relaxing. Knowing that most caring medical attention is only ever a phone call away.

Evan Boutilier

Evan Boutilier

Project Manager

Patience is a virtue—and it’s something that Evan brings to every project. An attribute he’s honed not only in his more than 16+ year’s in construction, but also on the golf course.

Starting as a residential carpenter, Evan’s career quickly refocused on commercial construction. From site supervisor, he matured into a project manager a short time later, and he’s now managed projects all over the Atlantic provinces. With a well-rounded skill set in construction estimating and project management, Evan excels at seeing a project from the beginning estimate to the final completion. Besides spaces, he has also built relationships—with local organizations as NSLC, Loblaws, Killam Properties, Timberlea Animal Hospital, Trampoline Creative, Choice Health Center, Indigo, Scotia Bank, Sobeys, The Hudson Bay Company, Halifax Regional Municipality, Dalhousie University, Bell Aliant, and Sears.

When not on the job, Evan spends time with his two yellow labs, his loving wife (with baby on the way!), and yes, playing golf. Of course once that baby arrives, he’ll be seeing a lot less time on the fairway. Patience, Evan. Patience.

Thomas Chisholm

Thomas Chisholm

Site Superintendent

Lots of people who work with Bruno can say that they're great builders. But only one can say definitively that they're a world’s best. Thomas Chisholm was a proud Guinness world record holder for building…snowmen. But still. World’s best!

Thomas grew up with the high-end custom homes his dad built with Chisholm Carpentry. So it was no surprise that Thomas would ultimately find his way into the construction biz as well. After studying criminology at Carleton University, he gave into his passion for construction— starting out with roofing. He then ended up in the restoration of buildings damaged from fire and mould. Today, He's passionate about high-rise construction and any project that challenges him to be creative. Thomas has played a key role in the Tribeca 27-storey building, the Cathedral Hill 22-storey building, the Slater 22-storey split condo/hotel, and the Beechwood 9-storey development.

Outside of work he enjoys the company of his wife Jackie and son Carter, he plays music, and—of course—he can still be found building the odd snowman.

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