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Point Pleasant Drive

Clients Ny and Dwayne came to us with a lot of renovation experience already under their belt—both had undertaken multiple reno projects before. And for their first new build, across the street from beautiful Point Pleasant Park, they had pretty solid ideas already sketched out on paper. But “solid” seemed to be the word of the day, because we discovered that to bring our clients’ dream to life, we’d have to dig deep through solid rock. This was when Ny and Dwayne realized they’d made the right choice of builder. Our Bruno team guided them and the build through this challenge, all while keeping the project on budget. The final build is a beautiful, modern open space that remains 95% true to the clients’ original sketches. And one fun perk of the rock challenge? Now when Ny and Dwayne drive out of their garage, they’re surrounded by such massive walls of rock it feels like they’re leaving the Bat Cave. An apt reminder that we aren’t the superheroes—our clients, our friends, are the ones behind everything we do.


We loved working with the Bruno team. The personal touch and energy they brought to our project made all the difference in choosing our builder.


Project Details.

Square Footage: 3,300sf
Industry: Residential
Contract: Design Build
Design: NC Design/Clients
Engineers: DesignPoint Engineering & Surveying Ltd.
Photography: Jessie Wells
Completion Date: December 2022