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Berlin Street

When you have a collaborative builder on your side, almost any house could be the right house. Our clients were having a hard time finding the perfect home in the West End Halifax neighbourhood they loved. We pointed out all the ways they could turn a not-quite-right-house into exactly the thing. So they took the plunge, bought a 1930s home, and we went to work. A new addition was the heart of the project but salvaging important elements of the existing home combined with breath taking cabinetry, brick and wood facade, and mechanical systems to sleep-easy completed the package. They found the perfect home after all.

Project Details.

Square Footage: 3,200sf
Industry: Residential
Contract: Design Build
Design: David Bourque
Engineers: Sani Engineering
Photography: Beaumont Kitchens & Julien Parkinson
Completion Date: Fall 2020